In order for us to manufacture a drapery that fits your purpose, we would like you to think about the following:

Shield height = height from floor to attachment point
Draper height = Shield height minus rail with attachment
(6 cm) minus the desired distance between floor and drapery
(about 3 cm)
Shield width = the total width to be covered by the drapery
Drapery width = Shield width + 10%
Beer distance = c / c 40 cm

Attachment of drapery can be done with wire or with trolleys and rails. The rail can be fastened with a ceiling mount, hinged bracket or wall bracket. The skins can be sharpened with sharpeners and 90 degree bends are also available.

On top of drapes you can get:

• Directly infested drapes
• Directly-mounted single trailers
• Directly-tuned double carriages
• Eyelets
• Eyelets with s-hook
• Eyelets with s-hook and trolley

At the bottom of your drapery you can get extra weight and charter by folding a chain. Preferred for example in a laundry room. You can also get PVC handles welded on the drapery to more easily shoot that year's page.

Contact us and we will find the product that suits your purpose!