creativity and techinique in a great mix

When we are sewing we do it according to our customers wishes.
We customize many of our products made from PVC-fabric and we can manufacture most things so Your imagination is the limit.
The company always strive to deliver the right products in time and to competitive price.
That is what we think i Value for money.

Our payroll contains over 100 employees and we serve the whole world with our products.
Our 20 HF-weldingmachines (the longest is 102 meters) make us one of Europes biggest and most modern production plants, but machines is not everything. Our most important asset is our employees. It´s they who make magic happens.

Proactive solutions is another of our specialties.

Impossible is a word we rather not take i our mouth. Possible is a better and more useful word.
You are always welcome to us with a sketch or a drawing and we will make your idea reality.

We are able to offer short delivery time due to our great variaty of colours in stock.

We are looking forward to hear from You.

You can always reach us on e-mail, order@nhk.se, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Call us, and we will answer right away. Tel +46 60 606 20 00.