Today much more than hall fabrics & chapels

We have protected assets and equipment since the company was founded in 1997 with the products we manufacture:
Hall-fabrics, weatherprotection, tents, tarpaulins, chapels and much much more.

Everything are made in our productionplant in Timrå whick is one of Europes biggest and most modern of it´s kind concerning PVC-fabrics.

Today we also manufacture a variety of special products like pallet covers, pool liners, flood protectors and much much more.

No job is to small and no job is to big. We make small curtains but we also make hall-fabrics up to several thousand squaremeters.NHK is also a subcontractor to many of the leading companies in tents, warehouses and weathershelters.
Our assembly division has been mouting warehouses, weathershelters, tent etc etc all over the world ever since the company was founded in 1997.

In the menu above You can see our full range of services and besides PVC-products and assembling.